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    Daryl Bem, Updating the Ganzfeld Database: A Victim of its Own Success? Daryl J. Bem John Palmer.
    The existence of psianomalous processes of information transfer such as telepathy or clairvoyancecontinues to be controversial. Earlier meta-analyses of studies using the ganzfeld procedure appeared (...)
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  2. Robert D. Rafal, S. Bem, Adrienne Rock, Laura Blumenfeld, Robert Isenhart, Laura Bodanski, S. Bunce, J. Seger, A. Carol & H. Shevrin (1997). B H Prinzmetal, William, 372 Baars, Bernard J., 1, 363 Hendrickx, Hilde, 87 Hillyard, Steven A., 50 Bachmann, Talis, 491 R Baeyens, Frank, 87 Huffman, Mary Lyn, 482. [REVIEW] Consciousness and Cognition 6:597.
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    D. J. Bem & C. Honorton (1994). Does Psi Exist? Replicable Evidence for an Anomalous Process of Information Transfer. Psychological Bulletin 115:4-18.