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  1. Gregory Vlastos & D. W. Graham (1995). Studies in Greek Philosophy. Monograph Collection (Matt - Pseudo).
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    B. C. A. Morison & D. W. Graham (2001). Aristotle: Physics Book VIII. Journal of Hellenic Studies 121:180.
    Daniel Graham offers a clear, accurate new translation of the eighth book of Aristotle's Physics, accompanied by a careful philosophical commentary to guide the reader towards understanding of this key text in the history of Western thought. It is the culmination of Aristotle's theory of nature: he explains motion in the universe in terms of a single source and regulating principle, a first `unmoved mover'.
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    D. W. Graham (2003). A Testimony of Anaximenes in Plato. Classical Quarterly 53 (2):327-337.
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    Mantas Adomenas, V. Caston & D. W. Graham (2004). Presocratic Philosophy. Essays in Honour of Alexander Mourelatos. Journal of Hellenic Studies 124 (219):214.
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