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    Cristina Bicchieri, Dalla Chiara & Maria Luisa (eds.) (1992). Knowledge, Belief, and Strategic Interaction. Cambridge University Press.
    In recent years there has been a great deal of interaction among game theorists, philosophers, and logicians in certain foundational problems concerning rationality, the formalization of knowledge and practical reasoning, and models of learning and deliberation. This unique volume brings together the work of some of the preeminent figures in their respective disciplines, all of whom are engaged in research at the forefront of their fields. Together they offer a conspectus of the interaction of game theory, logic, and epistemology in (...)
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    Maria Luisa & Dalla Chiara (1976). A General Approach to Non-Distributive Logics. Studia Logica 35 (2):139-162.
  3. Dalla Chiara & Maria Luisa (eds.) (1983). Logic in the 20th Century: A Series of Papers on the Present State and Tendencies of Studies. Scienta.
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  4. Dalla Chiara, D. Krause & R. Giuntini (1998). Quasiset Theories for Microobjects: A Comparison. In Elena Castellani (ed.), Interpreting Bodies. Princeton University Press 142--52.
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