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Daniel E. Anderson [7]Daniel Erwin Anderson [1]
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    Daniel E. Anderson (1967). Socrates' Concept of Piety. Journal of the History of Philosophy 5 (1):1-13.
    This article, Based on a study of the "euthyphro," "apology" and "crito," suggests that for socrates (and therefore, Presumably, The young plato) piety is service to the dialectic, And that for socrates the dialectic itself takes over the position reserved in the popular religion for the gods (thus making socrates guilty, At least metaphorically, Of the charge of believing in "other new divine powers"). Part one seeks to establish that the dialectic controls the pious man's beliefs; part two, That it (...)
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    Daniel E. Anderson (1971). The Theory of Recollection in Plato's Meno. Southern Journal of Philosophy 9 (3):225-235.
  3.  29
    Daniel E. Anderson (1965). Introspection. Southern Journal of Philosophy 3 (3):115-121.
  4.  21
    Daniel E. Anderson (1980). Descartes and Atheism. Tulane Studies in Philosophy 29:11-24.
  5.  24
    Daniel E. Anderson (1963). The Paradox of Parmenides. Southern Journal of Philosophy 1 (3):20-29.
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    Daniel E. Anderson (1979). A Note on the Syntheticity of Mathematical Propositions in Kant'sprolegomena. Southern Journal of Philosophy 17 (2):149-153.
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    Daniel E. Anderson & Frank L. Cleaver (1965). Venn-Type Diagrams for Arguments of N Terms. Journal of Symbolic Logic 30 (2):113-118.
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