Daniel M. Mittag [3]Daniel Marlin Mittag [1]
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    Daniel M. Mittag (2002). On the Causal-Doxastic Theory of the Basing Relation. Canadian Journal of Philosophy 32 (4):543 - 559.
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    Daniel M. Mittag, Evidentialism. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    Daniel M. Mittag (2014). A Meno Problem for Evidentialism. Southern Journal of Philosophy 52 (2):250-266.
    The original Meno problem is to explain why knowledge is more valuable than mere true belief. In this paper I argue that evidentialists face an additional Meno problem, a Meno problem that, to date, no evidentialist has considered. Specifically, evidentialists must account for the additional epistemic value of a doxastically justified doxastic attitude as compared to a doxastic attitude that is merely propositionally justified. I consider the nature of the problem facing evidentialism and critically discuss two attempts to account for (...)
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