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    Daniel O'Connor & Willem de Lint (2009). Frontier Government: The Folding of the Canada-US Border. Studies in Social Justice 3 (1):39-66.
    In this paper the border is evaluated as a fold of power relations in which sovereign capacity and competence is marshalled alongside strategies of control, surveillance, and risk management to constitute, what we call, a zone of frontier government. We advance the argument that the border is a site for both negative and positive power, for insertion and subtraction, and that the assemblage of surveillance and compliance regimes are "run" not so much in the furtherance of a precautionary or pre-emptive (...)
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    Daniel O'Connor (1985). Good and Evil Disposition. Kant-Studien 76 (1-4):288-302.
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    Daniel O'Connor (1982). Kant's Conception of Happiness. Journal of Value Inquiry 16 (3):189-205.
  4. Daniel John O'Connor (1949). Philosophy, Language, and Scepticism. [Pietermaritzburg]University of Natal.
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