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    Daniela Cerqui (2002). The Future of Humankind in the Era of Human and Computer Hybridization: An Anthropological Analysis. [REVIEW] Ethics and Information Technology 4 (2):101-108.
    My anthropological analysis of bionics is basedon the representations of engineers concerningthe definition of humankind and its future. Thedifference between repairing and improving onhuman beings is disappearing and we strive toreach a kind of `perfection', whose criteriaare evolving with technical developments.Nowadays, in the so-called information society,information is described as the best value: aperfect human being would be a free braindirectly connected to the web, and without abody because it is considered as an impedimentto the circulation of information. But what isconsidered (...)
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  2. Daniela Cerqui, Jutta Weber & Karsten Weber (2006). Ethics in Robotics. International Review of Information Ethics 2:2006.
  3. Peter Kroes, Pieter E. Vermaas, Andrew Light, Steven A. Moore, Daniela Cerqui & Kevin Warwick (2008). Re-Designing Humankind: The Rise of Cyborgs, a Desirable Goal? In Pieter E. Vermaas, Peter Kroes, Andrew Light & Steven A. Moore (eds.), Philosophy and Design: From Engineering to Architecture. Springer
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