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    Daniela Voss (2013). Deleuze's Rethinking of the Notion of Sense. Deleuze Studies 7 (1):1-25.
    Drawing on Deleuze's early works of the 1960s, this article investigates the ways in which Deleuze challenges our traditional linguistic notion of sense and notion of truth. Using Frege's account of sense and truth, this article presents our common understanding of sense and truth as two separate dimensions of the proposition where sense subsists only in a formal relation to the other. It then goes on to examine the Kantian account, which makes sense the superior transcendental condition of possibility of (...)
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    Daniela Voss (2011). Salomon Maimon: Essay on Transcendental Philosophy. Nick Midgley, Henry Somers-Hall, Alistair Welchman and Merten Reglitz (Trans). [REVIEW] Continental Philosophy Review 44 (2):247-252.
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    Daniela Voss (2013). Deleuze's Third Synthesis of Time. Deleuze Studies 7 (2):194-216.
    Deleuze's theory of time set out in Difference and Repetition is a complex structure of three different syntheses of time – the passive synthesis of the living present, the passive synthesis of the pure past and the static synthesis of the future. This article focuses on Deleuze's third synthesis of time, which seems to be the most obscure part of his tripartite theory, as Deleuze mixes different theoretical concepts drawn from philosophy, Greek drama theory and mathematics. Of central importance is (...)
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  4. Daniela Voss (2011). Maimon and Deleuze. Parrhesia 11:62-74.
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