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    David C. Reisman & Ahmed H. Al-Rahim (eds.) (2003). Before and After Avicenna: Proceedings of the First Conference of the Avicenna Study Group. Brill.
    This collection of papers addresses a variety of aspects of the life and thought of the medieval philosopher Avicenna including his reception of Classical ...
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    David C. Reisman (2004). Plato's Republic in Arabic a Newly Discovered Passage. Arabic Sciences and Philosophy 14 (2):263-300.
    My aim here is to present an editio princeps of a newly discovered Arabic translation of a very important passage from Plato's Republic found in the work entitled Kitāb fī Masā'il al-umūr al-ilāhiyya , penned by the somewhat obscure Neoplatonist Abū Hāmid al-Isfizārī . While an edition of al-Isfizārī's work has been published by Daniel Gimaret, the manuscript he used lacked the literal translation of the Republic passage. The one other known exemplar of the work, MS Zāhiriyya 4871, dated slightly (...)
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  3. David C. Reisman (2002). The Making of the Avicennan Tradition: The Transmission, Contents, and Structure of Ibn Sīnā's Al-Mubāḥat̲āt (the Discussions). Brill.
    This volume represents a new philological approach to the study of the medieval philosopher Avicenna by investigating the manuscripts and textual transmission of his philosophical correspondence with students and colleagues.
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