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    David E. Ohreen & Roger A. Petry (2012). Imperfect Duties and Corporate Philanthropy: A Kantian Approach. Journal of Business Ethics 106 (3):367-381.
    Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in society. Unfortunately, many such organizations are chronically underfunded and struggle to meet their objectives. These facts have significant implications for corporate philanthropy and Kant’s notion of imperfect duties. Under the concept of imperfect duties, businesses would have wide discretion regarding which charities receive donations, how much money to give, and when such donations take place. A perceived problem with imperfect duties is that they can lead to moral laxity; that is, a failure on (...)
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    David E. Ohreen (2006). The Origins of Folk Psychological Concepts. Facta Philosophica 8 (1/2):41-51.
  3. David E. Ohreen (2004). The Scope and Limits of Folk Psychology: A Socio-Linguistic Approach. New York: Peter Lang.