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    David F. Kelly (2004). Contemporary Catholic Health Care Ethics. Georgetown University Press.
    Theological basis -- Religion and health care -- The dignity of human life -- The integrity of the human person -- Implications for health care -- Theological principles in health care ethics -- Method -- The levels and questions of ethics -- Freedom and the moral agent -- Right and wrong -- Metaethics -- Method in Catholic bioethics -- Catholic method and birth control -- The principle of double effect -- Application -- Forgoing treatment, pillar one: ordinary and extraordinary means (...)
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    David F. Kelly (1995). Karl Rahner and Genetic Engineering. Philosophy and Theology 9 (1/2):177-200.
    Karl Rahner’s analysis of genetic manipulation is found most explicitly in two articles written in 1966 and 1968: “The Experiment with Man,” and “The Problem of Genetic Manipulation.” The articles have received some attention in ethical literature. The present paper analyzes Rahner’s use of theological and ethical principles, comparing and contrasting the two articles. In the first article, Rahner emphasizes humankind’s essential openness to self-creativity. What has always been true on the transcendental level—-we choose our final destiny and thus create (...)
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  3. David F. Kelly (1979). The Emergence of Roman Catholic Medical Ethics in North America an Historical, Methodological, Bibliographical Study. Monograph Collection (Matt - Pseudo).
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