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    David Fagelson (2002). Perfectionist Liberalism, Tolerance and American Law. Res Publica 8 (1):41-70.
    I attempt to show that toleranceis part of the idea of American law: for any legalsystem must incorporate the capacity toaccommodate differences in order to meet theminimal standards necessary to apply a rule. There are multiple forms of tolerance, however, some ofwhich are inconsistent with liberal principles.By examining several lines of jurisprudencerelating to speech and privacy, I show thatAmerican law reflects elements of bothliberalism and conservative communitarianism. I attempt to reconcile these by suggesting they actuallyreflect a perfectionist foundation of liberalautonomy. (...)
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  2. David Fagelson (2001). Two Concepts of Sovereignty. International Politics 38 (4):499-514.
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    David Fagelson (2002). Strong Rights and Disobedience: From Here to Integrity. Ratio Juris 15 (3):242-266.
  4. David Fagelson (2003). Building Democracy And The Rule of Law. Polity 36 (1):139-151.
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    David Fagelson (2006). Justice As Integrity. SUNY Series in Constitutional Democracy.
    In Justice as Integrity, David Fagelson argues that morality is indeed a part of the idea of law.
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  6. David Fagelson (2002). Justice As Integrity: Objectivity And Social Meaning In Legal Theory. Social and Legal Studies 11 (4):569-588.
  7. David Fagelson (1999). Rights And Duties. Law And Inequality 17 (1):171.