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    David I. Beaver (forthcoming). Presupposition. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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  2. David I. Beaver (2008). Sense and Sensitivity: How Focus Determines Meaning. Blackwell Pub..
    Sense and Sensitivity explores the semantics and pragmatics of focus in natural language discourse, advancing a new account of focus sensitivity which posits a three-way distinction between different effects of focus. Makes a valuable contribution to the ongoing research in the field of focus sensitivity Discusses the features of QFC, an original theory of focus implying a new typology of focus-sensitive expressions Presents novel cross-linguistic data on focus and focus sensitivity Concludes with a case study of exclusives (like “only”), arguing (...)
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    Elizabeth Coppock & David I. Beaver (2013). Principles of the Exclusive Muddle. Journal of Semantics 31 (3):fft007.
    Next SectionThis paper provides a lexical entry schema for exclusives covering the adverbs only, just, exclusively, merely, purely, solely, simply, and the adjectives only, sole, pure, exclusive and alone. We argue, on the basis of inter-paraphrasability relations among these exclusives and entailments involving at least and at most, that all of these items make an at-issue contribution of an upper bound on the viable answers to the current question under discussion (expressible with at most), and signal that a lower bound (...)
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    David I. Beaver (2004). The Optimization of Discourse Anaphora. Linguistics and Philosophy 27 (1):3-56.
    In this paper the Centering model of anaphoraresolution and discourse coherence(Grosz et al. 1983, 1995)is reformulated in terms of Optimality Theory (OT)(Prince and Smolensky 1993). One version of the reformulated modelis proven to be descriptively equivalent to an earlier algorithmicstatement of Centering due to Brennan, Friedman and Pollard(1987). However, the new model is stated declaratively, and makesclearer the status of the various constraints used in the theory. Inthe second part of the paper, the model is extended, demonstratingthe advantages of the (...)
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  5. David Barker-Plummer, David I. Beaver, Johan van Benthem & Patrick Scotto di Luzio (eds.) (2002). Words, Proofs and Diagrams. Center for the Study of Language and Inf.
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