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    David P. Fidler & Lawrence O. Gostin (2006). The New International Health Regulations: An Historic Development for International Law and Public Health. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 34 (1):85-94.
    The adoption of the new International Health Regulations in May 2005 represents an historic development for international law and public health. This article describes the IHR revision process and analyzes why the new IHR constitute an advance in global health governance.
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    David P. Fidler (2002). A Globalized Theory of Public Health Law. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 30 (2):150-161.
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    David P. Fidler, Lawrence O. Gostin & Howard Markel (2007). Through the Quarantine Looking Glass: Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and Public Health Governance, Law, and Ethics. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 35 (4):616-628.
    The incident in May-June 2007 involving a U.S. citizen traveling internationally while infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis involved the U.S. federal government's application of its quarantine and isolation powers. The incident and the isolation order raised numerous important issues for public health governance, law, and ethics. This article explores many of these issues by examining how the exercise of quarantine powers provides a powerful lens through which to understand how societies respond to and attempt to govern threats posed by (...)
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    David P. Fidler (forthcoming). The Meaning of Moscow:“Non-Lethal” Weapons and International Law in the Early 21st Century. Emergence: Complexity and Organization.
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  5. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Stanley Hoffmann & David P. Fidler (1991). Rousseau on International Relations. Monograph Collection (Matt - Pseudo).
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    David P. Fidler (2003). SARS: Political Pathology of the First Post-Westphalian Pathogen. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 31 (4):485-505.