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    David R. Oldroyd (1984). How Did Darwin Arrive at His Theory? The Secondary Literature to 1982. History of Science 22:325-374.
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    David Roger Oldroyd (1979). Historicism and the Rise of Historical Geology, Part I. History of Science 17:191-213.
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    David R. Oldroyd (1986). Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution: A Review of Our Present Understanding. [REVIEW] Biology and Philosophy 1 (2):133-168.
    The paper characterizes Darwin's theory, providing a synthesis of recent historical investigations in this area. Darwin's reading of Malthus led him to appreciate the importance of population pressures, and subsequently of natural selection, with the help of the wedge metaphor. But, in itself, natural selection did not furnish an adequate account of the origin of species, for which a principle of divergence was needed. Initially, Darwin attributed this to geographical isolation, but later, following his work on barnacles which underscored the (...)
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    David R. Oldroyd (1986). Grid/Group Analysis for Historians of Science? History of Science 24:145-171.
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