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  1. David R. Raynor (2005). On Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations : A Philosophical Companion (Review). Journal of the History of Philosophy 43 (3):365-366.
  2. David R. Raynor (1991). MA Box, The Suasive Art of David Hume. [REVIEW] Philosophy in Review 11 (6):381-384.
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  3. David R. Raynor (1988). Berkeley's Doctrine of Notions: A Reconstruction Based on His Theory of Meaning. Philosophical Books 29 (3):131-131.
  4. David R. Raynor (1988). Church and University in the Scottish Enlightenment: The Moderate Literati of Edinburgh. Journal of the History of Philosophy 26 (4):670-672.
  5. David R. Raynor (1987). Berkeley's Ontology. Dialogue 26 (04):611-620.
  6. David R. Raynor (1985). David Hume: Common-Sense Moralist, Sceptical Metaphysician. Journal of the History of Philosophy 23 (1):113-114.
  7. David R. Raynor (1984). Hume's Abstract of Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments. Journal of the History of Philosophy 22 (1):51-79.
    This article reprints the text of a review of adam smith's "theory of moral sentiments", And presents arguments for ascribing it to david hume. Hume's subsequent criticism of what he called "the hinge" of adam smith's moral system ("viz." that "all kinds of sympathy are necessarily agreeable") is also examined, And it is argued that smith failed to appreciate the nature and extent of this criticism. It is concluded that "the hinge" of smith's novel theory is a false assumption; yet (...)
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