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    David S. Brown & Richard Brian Davis (2008). A Puzzle for Particulars? Axiomathes 18 (1):49-65.
    In this paper we examine a puzzle recently posed by Aaron Preston for the traditional realist assay of property (quality) instances. Consider Socrates (a red round spot) and red1—Socrates’ redness. For the traditional realist, both of these entities are concrete particulars. Further, both involve redness being `tied to’ the same bare individuator. But then it appears that red1 is duplicated in its ‘thicker’ particular (Socrates), so that it can’t be predicated of Socrates without redundancy. According to Preston, this suggests that (...)
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    David S. Brown & Richard Hofstadter (2006). 9% Eviewâ. Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 42 (4).
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    David S. Brown (2002). Cicero's De Officiis. Teaching Philosophy 25 (2):151-159.
    The goal of this paper is to increase interest in Cicero’s “De Officiis” as both a textbook and resource for developing curricula at the secondary and post-secondary level. The paper begins by tracing the extensive influence that the work has had in ethics, political philosophy, literature, and education before proceeding to an explanation for why its influence has waned since the nineteenth century. Next, the paper contends that “De Officiis” addresses some of the most relevant and pressing questions in ethics. (...)
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    David S. Brown (1997). Patricia Kitcher and “Kant's Real Self”. Southwest Philosophy Review 13 (1):163-174.
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    Douglas A. Schuler & David S. Brown (1999). Democracy, Regional Market Integration, and Foreign Direct Investment Lessons From Costa Rica. Business and Society 38 (4):450-473.
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