David V. Ward [3]David Vernon Ward [1]
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    David V. Ward (1984). Identity. Philosophy Research Archives 10:353-382.
    This paper argues that there are no necessary and sufficient conditions for the identity through time of material objects where those conditions have a kind of empirical content necessary for them to function as criteria for identity through time. Taking Eli Hirsch’s program in The Concept of Identity as representative of attempts to formulate conditions which are logically necessary and sufficient and which also function as criteria guiding our tracing of objects’ careers through time, I argue (a) that, when such (...)
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    David V. Ward (1995). Pornography and Censorship. Social Philosophy Today 10:207-219.
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    David V. Ward (1993). Does Medical Experimentation on Children and Incompetents Violate the Fourth Amendment? Social Philosophy Today 8:205-217.
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