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    Michael Kubovy & David Van Valkenburg (2001). Auditory and Visual Objects. Cognition 80 (1-2):97-126.
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    David Van Valkenburg & Michael Kubovy (2003). In Defense of the Theory of Indispensable Attributes. Cognition 87 (3):225-233.
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    Lars Strother, David Van Valkenburg & Michael Kubovy (2003). Toward a Psychophysics of Perceptual Organization Using Multistable Stimuli and Phenomenal Reports. Axiomathes 13 (3-4):283-302.
    We explore experimental methods used to study the phenomena of perceptual organization, first studied by the Gestalt psychologists. We describe an application of traditional psychophysics to perceptual organization and offer alternative methods. Among these, we distinguish two approaches that use multistable stimuli: (1) phenomenological psychophysics, in which the observer's response is assumed to accurately and directly reflect perceptual experience; and (2) the interference paradigm, in which an observer's response is evaluated as correct or incorrect because it pertains to a corrigible (...)
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  4. Brian Scholl, Brian J. Scholl, Michael Kubovy, David van Valkenburg, Zenon W. Pylyshyn, Jacob Feldman, Susan Carey, Fei Xu & Claudia Uller (2001). Numbers 1, 2 Special Issue: Objects and Attention. Cognition 80 (301):301-302.
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