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David Zaret [5]David Richard Zaret [1]
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    David Zaret (1977). The Essential Tension: Selected Studies in Scientific Tradition and Change. [REVIEW] Philosophical Review 90 (1):146-149.
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    David Zaret (1979). Absolute Space and Conventionalism. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 30 (3):211-226.
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    David Zaret (1980). A Limited Conventionalist Critique of Newtonian Space-Time. Philosophy of Science 47 (3):474-494.
    In this paper, I examine a number of alternative global structures for Newtonian space-time, and corresponding Newtonian theories of mechanics and gravitation. I argue that since these theories differ only with respect to questions concerning the relative distribution of inertial and gravitational forces, the choice between them is a matter of convention. Therefore, the global structure of Newtonian space-time is also a matter of convention. Since this result is based on a consideration of the nature of inertial and gravitational forces, (...)
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    David Zaret (1987). Statistical Techniques and Sociological Theory. Sociological Theory 5 (1):36-40.
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  5. David Zaret (1993). The Use and Abuse of Textual Data. In Hartmut Lehmann & Guenther Roth (eds.), Weber's Protestant Ethic: Origins, Evidence, Contexts. Cambridge University Press 245--72.
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