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    Dennis Arjo (2014). Public Reason and Child Rearing: What's a Liberal Parent to Do? Journal of Philosophy of Education 48 (3):370-384.
    The ways in we raise and educate children can appear to be at odds with basic liberal values. Relationships between parents and children are unequal, parents routinely control children's behaviour in various ways, and they use their authority to shape children's beliefs and values. Whether and how such practices can be made to accord with liberal values presents a significant puzzle. In what follows I will look at a recent and sophisticated attempt to resolve these tensions offered by Matthew Clayton (...)
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    Dennis Arjo (2011). Ren Xing and What It is to Be Truly Human. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 38 (3):455-473.
  3. Dennis Arjo (2016). Paradoxes of Liberalism and Parental Authority. Lexington Books.
    This book examines recent attempts by liberal theorists to defend parental authority and the paradoxes that it poses. Dennis Arjo explores various topics within the philosophy of parenting such as education, discipline, and the right of parents to teach their own religious beliefs to their children.
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