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    Dianne C. Berry & Zoltán Dienes (eds.) (1993). Implicit Learning: Theoretical and Empirical Issues. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
    This book presents an overview of these studies and attempts to clarify apparently disparate results by placing them in a coherent theoretical framework.
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    Zoltán Dienes & Dianne C. Berry (1997). Implicit Learning: Below the Subjective Threshold. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 4:3-23.
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    Laurie T. Butler & Dianne C. Berry (2001). Implicit Memory: Intention and Awareness Revisited. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 5 (5):192-197.
  4. Dianne C. Berry (1997). How Implicit is Implicit Learning? Oxford University Press.
  5. Dianne C. Berry (1994). Implicit Learning: Twenty-Five Years On. A Tutorial. In Carlo Umilta & Morris Moscovitch (eds.), Consciousness and Unconscious Information Processing: Attention and Performance 15. MIT Press
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    Dianne C. Berry (1994). A Step Too Far? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (3):397-398.
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