Diego Garcia [3]Diego Molina García [2]
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    Diego Garcia (2001). Moral Deliberation: The Role of Methodologies in Clinical Ethics. [REVIEW] Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 4 (2):223-232.
    The experience of the last thirty years has shown that whether the different methodologies used in clinical ethics work well or not depends on certain external factors, such as the mentality with which they are used. This article aims to analyze two of these mentalities: the “dilemmatic” and the “problematic.” The former uses preferably the decision-making theory, whilst the latter emphasizes above all the role of deliberation. The author considers that Clinical Ethics must be deliberationist, and that only in this (...)
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    Diego Garcia (2009). C Hagossians Are Not Asking for Charity,” Said Louis Olivier Bancoult, the Elected Leader of the Exiled People of the Indian Ocean's Chagos Archipelago.“Chagossians Are Asking for Our Due for What has Happened Since We Were Deracinated.… For All the Damages That We've Suffered, to Recognize, to Give Reparation. To Give Reparation for All the Suffering That We Have Experienced During These Years.” But, He Added,“We Are Not Only Asking for Money. We Are Asking for Money, Compensation for Our Suffer-Ing ... [REVIEW] In Barbara Rose Johnston & Susan Slyomovics (eds.), Waging War, Making Peace: Reparations and Human Rights. Left Coast Press 133.
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