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    Diego Meschini, Markku Lehto & Johanna Piilonen (2005). Geometry, Pregeometry and Beyond. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B 36 (3):435-464.
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    Diego Meschini & Markku Lehto (2006). Is Empty Spacetime a Physical Thing? Foundations of Physics 36 (8):1193-1216.
    This article deals with empty spacetime and the question of its physical reality. By “empty spacetime” we mean a collection of bare spacetime points, the remains of ridding spacetime of all matter and fields. We ask whether these geometric objects—themselves intrinsic to the concept of field—might be observable through some physical test. By taking quantum-mechanical notions into account, we challenge the negative conclusion drawn from the diffeomorphism invariance postulate of general relativity, and we propose new foundational ideas regarding the possible (...)
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    Diego Meschini (2007). Planck-Scale Physics: Facts and Beliefs. [REVIEW] Foundations of Science 12 (4):277-294.
    The relevance of the Planck scale to a theory of quantum gravity has become a worryingly little examined assumption that goes unchallenged in the majority of research in this area. However, in all scientific honesty, the significance of Planck’s natural units in a future physical theory of spacetime is only a plausible, yet by no means certain, assumption. The purpose of this article is to clearly separate fact from belief in this connection.
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