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  1. Patricia Milz, Pascal L. Faber, Dietrich Lehmann, Kieko Kochi & Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui (2014). sLORETA Intracortical Lagged Coherence During Breath Counting in Meditation-naïVe Participants. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
  2. Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui, Rolando J. Biscay, Jorge Bosch-Bayard, Dietrich Lehmann, Kieko Kochi, Toshihiko Kinoshita, Naoto Yamada & Norihiro Sadato (2014). Assessing Direct Paths of Intracortical Causal Information Flow of Oscillatory Activity with the Isolated Effective Coherence (iCoh). Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
  3. Dieter Vaitl, Niels Birbaumer, John Gruzelier, Graham A. Jamieson, Boris Kotchoubey, Andrea Kübler, Dietrich Lehmann, Wolfgang H. R. Miltner, Ulrich Ott, Peter Pütz, Gebhard Sammer, Inge Strauch, Ute Strehl, Jiri Wackermann & Thomas Weiss (2005). Psychobiology of Altered States of Consciousness. Psychological Bulletin 131 (1):98-127.
  4. Jirí Wackerman, Peter Pütz, Simone Büchi, Inge Strauch & Dietrich Lehmann (2002). Brain Electrical Activity and Subjective Experience During Altered States of Consciousness: Ganzfeld and Hypnagogic States. International Journal of Psychophysiology 46 (2):123-146.
  5. Dietrich Lehmann & Martha Koukkou (2000). All Brain Work – Including Recall – is State-Dependent. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (6):964-965.
    The continuous ongoing mentation is experienced as dreams in some functional states. Mentation occurs with high speed, is driven by individual memory, and uses state-dependent processing strategies, context material, storage options, and retrieval access. Retrieval deserves more attention. Multiple state-shifts owing to individual meaning as extracted also during sleep concatenate dream narratives and define access to segments for awake recall. [Hobson et al.; Nielson; Solms].
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