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    Dominique Bouchet (2007). The Ambiguity of the Modern Conception of Autonomy and the Paradox of Culture. Thesis Eleven 88 (1):31-54.
    Grounded in newer French socio-political philosophy, this text deals with the paradoxical situation in which the interpretation of society as well as the relation between the individual and the social remains ambiguous even though autonomy and interrogation of the social emerges: Autonomy remains trapped between transcendence and immanence. Modernity is when society claims to know that it has to produce its own myths. Traditional societies did not relate to their myths as if they were their own products. Nevertheless, as soon (...)
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    Dominique Bouchet (2010). The Paradox of Culture. Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication 1 (2):203-213.
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    Dominique Bouchet (2010). Pragmatics of Intercultural Communication-The Bounded Openness of a Contradictory Perspective. Pragmatics and Society 1 (1):138-154.
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