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    Donald Bamber (2000). Entailment with Near Surety of Scaled Assertions of High Conditional Probability. Journal of Philosophical Logic 29 (1):1-74.
    An assertion of high conditional probability or, more briefly, an HCP assertion is a statement of the type: The conditional probability of B given A is close to one. The goal of this paper is to construct logics of HCP assertions whose conclusions are highly likely to be correct rather than certain to be correct. Such logics would allow useful conclusions to be drawn when the premises are not strong enough to allow conclusions to be reached with certainty. This goal (...)
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    Donald Bamber & Victor Manifold (1978). Evaluation of a Method for Studying Forgetting: Is Data From Split-Half Recognition Tests Contaminated by Test Interference? Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 11 (2):126-128.
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    Kimberly A. Jameson, Jerry L. Kaiwi & Donald Bamber (2001). Color Coding Information: Assessing Alternative Coding Systems Using Independent Brightness and Hue Dimensions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 7 (2):112.
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