1. Dorota Leszczynska (2007). The Method of Socratic Proofs for Normal Modal Propositional Logics. Wydawn. Naukowe Uniwersytetu Im. Adama Mickiewicza.
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    Andrzej Wiśniewski, Guido Vanackere & Dorota Leszczyńska (2005). Socratic Proofs and Paraconsistency: A Case Study. Studia Logica 80 (2-3):431 - 466.
    This paper develops a new proof method for two propositional paraconsistent logics: the propositional part of Batens' weak paraconsistent logic CLuN and Schütte's maximally paraconsistent logic Φv. Proofs are de.ned as certain sequences of questions. The method is grounded in Inferential Erotetic Logic.
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  3. Dorota Leszczyńska (2005). Co głosi relatywizm poznawczy? Rekonstrukcja konstytutywnych twierdzeń relatywizmu. Filozofia Nauki 1.
    The aim of the paper is to present a reconstruction of the constitutive theses of cognitive relativism. The reconstruction is based on some examples of well-known theses and statements that are conceived to be relativistic. I distinguish three constituents of cognitive relativism: 1) the thesis of constructive character of cognition, 2) the thesis of pluralism of cognitive schemes, 3) the thesis of incommensurability of cognitive schemes. The rest of the article aims at, first, proving that Quine's philosophical standpoint is not (...)
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