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    Douglas Wade Hands (1985). The Logical Reconstruction of Pure Exchange Economics: Another Alternative. Theory and Decision 19 (3):259-278.
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    Douglas W. Hands (1985). Karl Popper and Economic Methodology: A New Look. Economics and Philosophy 1 (1):83-.
    Discussions of Karl Popper's falsificationist philosophy of science appear regularly in the recent literature on economic methodology. In this literature, there seem to be two fundamental points of agreement about Popper. First, most economists take Popper's falsificationist method of bold conjecture and severe test to be the correct characterization of scientific conduct in the physical sciences. Second, most economists admit that economic theory fails miserably when judged by these same falsificationist standards. As Latsis states, “the development of economic analysis would (...)
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    Douglas W. Hands (1984). What Economics is Not: An Economist's Response to Rosenberg. Philosophy of Science 51 (3):495-503.
    Alexander Rosenberg (1983) has argued, contrary to his previous work in the philosophy of economics, that economics is not science, and it is merely mathematics. The following paper argues that Rosenberg fails to demonstrate either of these two claims. The questions of the predictive weakness of modern economics and the cognitive standing of abstract economic theory are discussed in detail.
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    Douglas W. Hands (1984). Blaug's Economic Methodology. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 14 (1):115-125.
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    Douglas W. Hands (1979). Review Symposium : Douglas W. Hands G. C. Archibald Joseph Agassi on S. J. Latsis, Ed. Method and Appraisal in Economics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976. Pp. VIII + 218. $17.50 the Methodology of Economic Research Programmes. [REVIEW] Philosophy of the Social Sciences 9 (3):293-303.
  6. Douglas W. Hands (1979). The Methodology of Economic Research Programmes. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 9 (3):293.