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    A. Bumpus, J. Cohen, S. Cohen, E. Conee, C. L. Elder, M. Ridge, M. Sabatés, E. C. Tiffany & D. Vander Laan (2001). Feldman, R., 61 Glanzberg, M., 217 Glymour, B., 271 Lycan, WG, 35 Predelli, S., 145. Philosophical Studies 103 (343).
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    E. C. Tiffany (2001). The Rational Character of Belief and the Argument for Mental Anomalism. Philosophical Studies 103 (3):258-314.
    If mental anomalism is to be interpreted as a thesisunique to psychology, the anomalousness must begrounded in some feature unique to the mental,presumably its rational nature. While the ground forsuch arguments from normativity has been notoriouslyslippery terrain, there are two recently influentialstrategies which make the argument precise. The firstis to deny the possibility of psychophysical bridgelaws because of the different constitutive essences ofmental and physical laws, and the second is to arguethat mental anomalism follows from the uncodifiabilityof rationality. In this (...)
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