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  1. Adrian M. Owen, Martin R. Coleman, D. K. Menon, E. L. Berry, I. S. Johnsrude, J. M. Rodd, Matthew H. Davis & John D. Pickard (2006). Using a Hierarchical Approach to Investigate Residual Auditory Cognition in Persistent Vegetative State. In Steven Laureys (ed.), Boundaries of Consciousness. Elsevier.score: 290.0
  2. Maggie Nelson & Evan Lavender-Smith (2011). The Fragment as a Unit of Prose Composition. Continent 1 (3):158-170.score: 9.0
    continent. 1.3 (2011): 158-170. The Fragment as a Unit of Prose Composition: An Introduction —Ben Segal The fragment, the note, the idea, the aphorism even: there are many names and as many uses for such small shards of free-floating text. Typically fragments are less works than gestures, arrows pointing in the direction a person might research, meditate on or develop. Unlike paragraphs or sentences, they do not flow directly from and into their bordering text. Instead they are independent, defined by (...)
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