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    Johan Grasman, B. Theunissen, E. Otten & J. A. M. Gisbergen (1987). Reviews. [REVIEW] Acta Biotheoretica 36 (1).
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    E. Otten (1985). Proportions of the Jaw Mechanism of Cichlid Fishes Changes and Their Meaning. Acta Biotheoretica 34 (2-4):207-217.
    The jaw mechanism of cichlid fishes is an intricate apparatus with complex force transmission from muscles to environment. The proportions of this apparatus change considerably during growth mainly due to scale effects. In adult fishes, the proportions differ, corresponding with the type of preferred food. In such a complex mechanism, it is very hard to gain insight into the functional meaning of the differences in proportions, unless a biomechanical model is constructed, describing kinematics and force equilibria of the apparatus.Such a (...)
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