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    P. Bartolomeo, C. DeCaix & E. SiEroff (2007). The Phenomenology of Endogenous Orienting. Consciousness and Cognition 16 (1):144-161.
    Can we build endogenous expectations about the locus of occurrence of a target without being able to describe them? Participants performed cue–target detection tasks with different proportions of valid and invalid trials, without being informed of these proportions, and demonstrated typical endogenous effects. About half were subsequently able to correctly describe the cue–target relationships . However, even non-verbalizer participants showed endogenous orienting with peripheral cues , not depending solely on practice . Explicit instructions did not bring about dramatic advantages in (...)
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    David LaBerge, L. Auclair & E. Sieroff (2000). Preparatory Attention: Experiment and Theory. Consciousness and Cognition 9 (3):396-434.
    This study investigated attention to a spatial location using a new spatial preparation task. Participants responded to a target dot presented in the center of a display and ignored a distractor dot presented to the right or left of the center. In an attempt to vary the level of preparatory attention directed to the target, the distractor dot was presented prior to the onset time of the target and the relative frequency of distractor dots to target dots within a block (...)
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