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Profile: Eric T. Olson (University of Sheffield)
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    E. T. Olson (2002). The Ontology of Material Objects. Philosophical Books 43 (4):292-299.
    [First paragraph] For a long time philosophers thought material objects were unproblematic. Or nearly so. There may have been a problem about what a material object is: a substance, a bundle of tropes, a compound of substratum and universals, a collection of sense-data, or what have you. But once that was settled there were supposed to be no further metaphysical problems about material objects. This illusion has now largely been dispelled. No one can get a Ph.D. in philosophy nowadays without (...)
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    E. T. Olson (2001). Personal Identity and the Radiation Argument. Analysis 61 (1):38-44.
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  3. E. T. Olson (2002). MERRICKS, T.-Objects and Persons. Philosophical Books 43 (4):292-299.
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