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  1. Edith Valdez-Martínez, Pilar Lavielle, Miguel Bedolla & Allison Squires (2008). Ethical Behaviours in Clinical Practice Among Mexican Health Care Workers. Nursing Ethics 15 (6):729-744.
    The objective of this study was to describe the cultural domain of ethical behaviours in clinical practice as defined by health care providers in Mexico. Structured interviews were carried out with 500 health professionals employed at the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Mexico City. The Smith Salience Index was used to evaluate the relevance of concepts gathered from the free listings of the interviewees. Cluster analysis and factor analysis facilitated construction of the conceptual categories, which the authors refer to (...)
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    Edith Valdez-martinez, Bernardo Turnbull, Juan Garduño-espinosa & John D. H. Porter (2006). Descriptive Ethics: A Qualitative Study of Local Research Ethics Committees in Mexico. Developing World Bioethics 6 (2):95–105.
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    Aldo Ferreira-Hermosillo, Edith Valdez-Martínez & Miguel Bedolla (2014). Ethical Issues Relating to Renal Transplantation From Prediabetic Living Donor. BMC Medical Ethics 15 (1):45.
    In Mexico, diabetes mellitus is the main cause of end − stage kidney disease, and some patients may be transplant candidates. Organ supply is limited because of cultural issues. And, there is a lack of standardized clinical guidelines regarding organ donation. These issues highlight the tension surrounding the fact that living donors are being selected despite being prediabetic. This article presents, examines and discusses using the principles of non-maleficience, autonomy, justice and the constitutionally guaranteed right to health, the ethical considerations (...)
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    V. Moises Serrano-Delgado, Barbara Novello-Garza & Edith Valdez-Martinez (2009). Ethical Issues Relating the the Banking of Umbilical Cord Blood in Mexico. BMC Medical Ethics 10 (1):12-.
    BackgroundUmbilical cord banks are a central component, as umbilical cord tissue providers, in both medical treatment and scientific research with stem cells. But, whereas the creation of umbilical cord banks is seen as successful practice, it is perceived as a risky style of play by others. This article examines and discusses the ethical, medical and legal considerations that arise from the operation of umbilical cord banks in Mexico.DiscussionA number of experts have stated that the use of umbilical cord goes beyond (...)
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