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  1. Edmund Mokrzycki (1983). Philosophy of Science and Sociology: From the Methodological Doctrine to Research Practice. Routledge & Kegan Paul.
    Originally published in 1983. This book concentrates on the impact of philosophy of science on sociology and other disciplines. It argues that the impact of the philosophy of science on sociology from the rise of the Vienna Circle until the mid-1980s resulted in a deep-reaching and, in the author’s view, undesirable methodological reorientation in sociology.
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    Arista Cirtautas & Edmund Mokrzycki (1993). The Articulation and Institutionalization of Democracy in Poland. Social Research 60:787-820.
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    Edmund Mokrzycki (1989). The Problem of Going To: Between Epistemology and the Sociology of Knowledge. Social Epistemology 3 (3):205 – 216.
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  4. Edmund Mokrzycki (2007). Do Nauki Przychodzi Się Nie Tylko Z Pytaniami. Wydawn. Ifis Pan.