1.  18
    Edward W. Keyserlingk, K. Glass, S. Kogan & S. Gauthier (1995). Proposed Guidelines for the Participation of Persons with Dementia as Research Subjects. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 38 (2):319.
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  2. David E. Guinn, Edward W. Keyserlingk & Wendy Morton (2006). Law and Bioethics in Rodriquez V. Canada. In Handbook of Bioethics and Religion. Oxford University Press
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  3.  26
    Edward W. Keyserlingk (1981). Artificial Insemination and in Vitro Fertilization. Bioethics Quarterly 3 (1):35-49.
    This paper explores some of the ethical (and legal) implications of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. In both cases the emphasis is on the interests of the potential child. It concludes that in neither case is great optimism or great pessimism appropriate. About AID, much of the legal and ethical concern has been other than child-centered, and has focused mainly on the interests of parents and donors. Three aspects expecially remain troubling: donor selection, record-keeping and disclosure and the testing (...)
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