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    Elise Smith & Bryn Williams-Jones (2012). Authorship and Responsibility in Health Sciences Research: A Review of Procedures for Fairly Allocating Authorship in Multi-Author Studies. [REVIEW] Science and Engineering Ethics 18 (2):199-212.
    While there has been significant discussion in the health sciences and ethics literatures about problems associated with publication practices (e.g., ghost- and gift-authorship, conflicts of interest), there has been relatively little practical guidance developed to help researchers determine how they should fairly allocate credit for multi-authored publications. Fair allocation of credit requires that participating authors be acknowledged for their contribution and responsibilities, but it is not obvious what contributions should warrant authorship, nor who should be responsible for the quality and (...)
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    Elise Smith, Jason Behrmann, Carolina Martin & Bryn Williams-jones (2010). Reproductive Tourism in Argentina: Clinic Accreditation and its Implications for Consumers, Health Professionals and Policy Makers. Developing World Bioethics 10 (2):59-69.
    A subcategory of medical tourism, reproductive tourism has been the subject of much public and policy debate in recent years. Specific concerns include: the exploitation of individuals and communities, access to needed health care services, fair allocation of limited resources, and the quality and safety of services provided by private clinics. To date, the focus of attention has been on the thriving medical and reproductive tourism sectors in Asia and Eastern Europe; there has been much less consideration given to more (...)
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    Elise Smith (2012). Toward a Postmodernist View of Conflict of Interest. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 9 (2):223-224.
    Toward a Postmodernist View of Conflict of Interest Content Type Journal Article Category Case Studies Pages 1-2 DOI 10.1007/s11673-012-9359-x Authors Elise Smith, Doctorat en sciences humaines appliquées, option bioéthique, Programmes de bioéthique, Département de médecine sociale et préventive, Université de Montréal, C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville, Montréal, Québec, Canada H3C 3J7 Journal Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Online ISSN 1872-4353 Print ISSN 1176-7529.
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    Elise Smith, Matthew Hunt & Zubin Master (2014). Authorship Ethics in Global Health Research Partnerships Between Researchers From Low or Middle Income Countries and High Income Countries. BMC Medical Ethics 15 (1):42.
    Over the past two decades, the promotion of collaborative partnerships involving researchers from low and middle income countries with those from high income countries has been a major development in global health research. Ideally, these partnerships would lead to more equitable collaboration including the sharing of research responsibilities and rewards. While collaborative partnership initiatives have shown promise and attracted growing interest, there has been little scholarly debate regarding the fair distribution of authorship credit within these partnerships.
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    Elise Juzda Smith (2013). Putting Racial Science in its Place. [REVIEW] Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 44 (3):443-446.
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    Elise Smith & Renaud Boulanger (2011). What About Author Order and Acknowledgments? Suggestions for Additional Criteria for Conceptual Research in Bioethics. American Journal of Bioethics 11 (10):24 - 26.
    The American Journal of Bioethics, Volume 11, Issue 10, Page 24-26, October 2011.
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    Elise Smith (2007). Bioethics: Latin American Perspectives – Edited by Arleen L.F. Salle and Maria J. Bertomeu. Developing World Bioethics 7 (2):112–113.