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    Elizabeth H. Bassett & Kate O'Riordan (2002). Ethics of Internet Research: Contesting the Human Subjects Research Model. Ethics and Information Technology 4 (3):233-247.
    The human subjects researchmodel is increasingly invoked in discussions ofethics for Internet research. Here we seek toquestion the widespread application of thismodel, critiquing it through the two themes ofspace and textual form. Drawing on ourexperience of a previous piece ofresearch, we highlightthe implications of re-considering thetextuality of the Internet in addition to thespatial metaphors that are more commonlydeployed to describe Internet activity. Weargue that the use of spatial metaphors indescriptions of the Internet has shaped theadoption (...)
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    Bette Jacobs, Jason Roffenbender, Jeff Collmann, Kate Cherry, LeManuel Lee Bitsói, Kim Bassett & Charles H. Evans (2010). Bridging the Divide Between Genomic Science and Indigenous Peoples. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 38 (3):684-696.
    The new science of genomics endeavors to chart the genomes of individuals around the world, with the dual goals of understanding the role genetic factors play in human health and solving problems of disease and disability. From the perspective of indigenous peoples and developing countries, the promises and perils of genomic science appear against a backdrop of global health disparity and political vulnerability. These conditions pose a dilemma for many communities when attempting to decide about participating in genomic research or (...)
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  3. Deborah R. Bassett, Lonnie Nelson, Dorothy A. Rhoades, Elizabeth M. Krantz & Adam Omidpanah (2014). A National Study of Social Networks and Perceptions of Health Among Urban American Indian/Alaska Natives and Non-Hispanic Whites. Journal of Biosocial Science 46 (4):556-559.
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    Elizabeth Marlowe (2006). (S.) Bassett The Urban Image of Late Antique Constantinople. Cambridge UP, 2004. Pp. Xxi + 291, Illus. £55. 052182723X. Journal of Hellenic Studies 126:203-204.