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    Kevin van Schie, Elke Geraerts & Michael C. Anderson (2013). Emotional and Non-Emotional Memories Are Suppressible Under Direct Suppression Instructions. Cognition and Emotion 27 (6):1122-1131.
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    Elke Geraerts, Elke Smeets, Marko Jelicic, Jaap van Heerden & Harald Merckelbach (2005). Fantasy Proneness, but Not Self-Reported Trauma is Related to DRM Performance of Women Reporting Recovered Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Consciousness and Cognition 14 (3):602-612.
    Extending a strategy previously used by Clancy, Schacter, McNally, and Pitman , we administered a neutral and a trauma-related version of the Deese–Roediger–McDermott paradigm to a sample of women reporting recovered or repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse , women reporting having always remembered their abuse , and women reporting no history of abuse . We found that individuals reporting recovered memories of CSA are more prone than other participants to falsely recalling and recognizing neutral words that were never presented. (...)
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    Paula T. Hertel, Amanda A. Benbow & Elke Geraerts (2012). Brooding Deficits in Memory: Focusing Attention Improves Subsequent Recall. Cognition and Emotion 26 (8):1516-1525.