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    Elliott Louis Bedford (2012). Abortion: At the Still Point of the Turning Conscientious Objection Debate. [REVIEW] HEC Forum 24 (2):63-82.
    Abortion is the central issue in the conscientious objection debate. In this article I demonstrate why this is so for two philosophical viewpoints prominent in American culture. One, represented by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George, holds that the fundamental moral value of being human can be found in bare life and the other, represented by Tom Beauchamp and James Childress, holds that this fundamental value is found in the life that can choose and determine itself. First, I articulate Lee (...)
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  2. Elliott Louis Bedford (2012). The Concept of Institutional Conscience. The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 12 (3):409-420.
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    John Paul Slosar, Mark F. Repenshek & Elliott Bedford (2013). Catholic Identity and Charity Care in the Era of Health Reform. HEC Forum 25 (2):111-126.
    Catholic healthcare institutions live amidst tension between three intersecting primary values, namely, a commitment of service to the poor and vulnerable, promoting the common good for all, and financially sustainability. Within this tension, the question sometimes arises as to whether it is ever justifiable, i.e., consistent with Catholic identity, to place limits on charity care. In this article we will argue that the health reform measures of the Affordable Care Act do not eliminate this tension but actually increase the urgency (...)
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    Elliott Louis Bedford (2011). The Core Competencies: A Roman Catholic Critique. [REVIEW] HEC Forum 23 (3):147-169.