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Eric Eich [7]Erich Eich [1]
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    Eric Eich (1984). Memory for Unattended Events: Remembering with and Without Awareness. Memory and Cognition 12:105-11.
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    Eric Eich, John F. Kihlstrom, Gordon H. Bower, Joseph P. Forgas & Paula M. Niedenthal (eds.) (2000). Cognition and Emotion. Oxford University Press.
    Written in debate format, this book covers developing fields such as social cognition, as well as classic areas such as memory, learning, perception and ...
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    Eric Eich, Dawn Macaulay & Raymond W. Lam (1997). Mania, Depression, and Mood Dependent Memory. Cognition and Emotion 11 (5-6):607-618.
  4.  35
    Eric Eich, J. L. Reeves & R. L. Katz (1985). Anesthesia, Amnesia, and the Memory/Awareness Distinction. Anesthesia and Analgesia 64:1143-48.
  5. Eric Eich (1995). Mood as a Mediator of Place Dependent Memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 124 (3):293.
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    Eric Eich & Dawn Macaulay (2000). Fundamental Factors in Mood-Dependent Memory. In Joseph P. Forgas (ed.), Feeling and Thinking: The Role of Affect in Social Cognition. Cambridge University Press 109--130.
  7. Jonathan W. Schooler & Erich Eich (2000). Memory for Emotional Events. In Endel Tulving (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Memory. Oxford University Press 379--392.
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    Barry Beyerstein & Eric Eich (1993). Subliminal Self-Help Tapes: Promises, Promises. Rational Enquirer 6 (1).
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