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    Eric Schechter (2005). Classical and Nonclassical Logics: An Introduction to the Mathematics of Propositions. Princeton University Press.
    Classical logic is traditionally introduced by itself, but that makes it seem arbitrary and unnatural. This text introduces classical alongside several nonclassical logics (relevant, constructive, quantative, paraconsistent).
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    Eric Schechter (2004). Equivalents of Mingle and Positive Paradox. Studia Logica 77 (1):117 - 128.
    Relevant logic is a proper subset of classical logic. It does not include among its theorems any ofpositive paradox A (B A).
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    Eric Schechter & E. Schechter (1992). Two Topological Equivalents of the Axiom of Choice. Mathematical Logic Quarterly 38 (1):555-557.
    We show that the Axiom of Choice is equivalent to each of the following statements: A product of closures of subsets of topological spaces is equal to the closure of their product ; A product of complete uniform spaces is complete.
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