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    Wendy Austin, Julija Kelecevic, Erika Goble & Joy Mekechuk (2009). An Overview of Moral Distress and the Paediatric Intensive Care Team. Nursing Ethics 16 (1):57-68.
    A summary of the existing literature related to moral distress (MD) and the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) reveals a high-tech, high-pressure environment in which effective teamwork can be compromised by MD arising from different situations related to: consent for treatment, futile care, end-of-life decision making, formal decision-making structures, training and experience by discipline, individual values and attitudes, and power and authority issues. Attempts to resolve MD in PICUs have included the use of administrative tools such as shift worksheets, the (...)
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    Wendy Austin, Erika Goble, Brendan Leier & Paul Byrne (2009). Compassion Fatigue: The Experience of Nurses. Ethics and Social Welfare 3 (2):195-214.
    The term compassion fatigue has come to be applied to a disengagement or lack of empathy on the part of care-giving professionals. Empathy and emotional investment have been seen as potentially costing the caregiver and putting them at risk. Compassion fatigue has been equated with burnout, secondary traumatic stress disorder, vicarious traumatization, secondary victimization or co-victimization, compassion stress, emotional contagion, and counter-transference. The results of a Canadian qualitative research project on nurses? experience of compassion fatigue are presented. Nurses, self-identified as (...)
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