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  1. Steven J. Spencer, Steven Fein, Erin J. Strahan & Mark P. Zanna (2005). The Role of Motivation in the Unconscious: How Our Motives Control the Activation of Our Thoughts and Shape Our Actions. In Joseph P. Forgas, Kipling D. Williams & Simon M. Laham (eds.), Social Motivation: Conscious and Unconscious Processes. Cambridge University Press 113-129.
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    Andrew J. Corsa (2015). Modern Greatness of Soul in Hume and Smith. Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy 2.
    I contend that Adam Smith and David Hume offer re-interpretations of Aristotle’s notion of greatness of soul, focusing on the kind of magnanimity Aristotle attributes to Socrates. Someone with Socratic magnanimity is worthy of honor, responds moderately to fortune, and is virtuous—just and benevolent. Recent theorists err in claiming that magnanimity is less important to Hume’s account of human excellence than benevolence. In fact, benevolence is a necessary ingredient for the best sort of greatness. Smith’s “Letter to Strahan” attributes (...)
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