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    Étienne Klein (2007). About the Confusion Between the Course of Time and the Arrow of Time. Foundations of Science 12 (3):203-221.
    A conclusion drawn after a conference devoted (in 1995) to the “arrow of time” was the following: “Indeed, it seems not a very great exaggeration to say that the main problem with “the problem of the direction of time” is to figure out exactly what the problem is supposed to be !” What does that mean? That more than 130 years after the work of Ludwig Boltzmann on the interpretation of irreversibility of physical phenomena, and that one century after Einstein’s (...)
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    Étienne Klein (2003). Les dégâts sonores d'une silencieuse séparation. Rue Descartes 3 (3):101-105.
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    Etienne Klein (1996). Conversations with the Sphinx: Paradoxes in Physics. Souvenir Press.