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    Eugene D. Jaffe & Hanoch Pasternak (2006). Moral Intensity as a Predictor of Social Responsibility. Business Ethics 15 (1):53–63.
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    Eugene D. Jaffe & Alexandr Tsimerman (2005). Business Ethics in a Transition Economy: Will the Next Russian Generation Be Any Better? [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 62 (1):87 - 97.
    This study investigated students’ perceptions of ethical organizational climates, attitudes towards ethical issues, and the perceived relationship between ethical behavior and success in business organizations. Comparisons were made between the attitudes of these future managers with previously published studies of Russian managers’ attitudes. A survey of 100 business students in three Moscow universities showed that their attitudes toward ethical behavior were more negative than those of Russian managers. No significant differences were found in the perceptions or attitudes of (...)
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    Israel D. Nebenzahl, Eugene D. Jaffe & Bahtisen Kavak (2001). Consumers' Punishment and Rewarding Process Via Purchasing Behavior. Teaching Business Ethics 5 (3):283-305.
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    Israel D. Nebenzhal & Eugene D. Jaffe (1998). Ethical Dimensioins of Advertising Executions. Journal of Business Ethics 17 (7):805-815.
    This paper suggests a framework for determining the ethicality of disguised and obtrusive advertising. While most discussions of advertising ethics deal with deception or fraud, the proposed framework is based on the way messages are presented to audiences. Suggestions for measurement and future research are given.
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  5. Eugene D. Jaffe, Dove Izraeli & Yaakov Goldschmidt (1996). Communal Values and Economic Success: A Comparison of Israeli Collective Settlements. International Journal of Value-Based Management 9 (3):227-235.
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