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  1. F. Tito Arecchi (2011). Foreword. Foundations of Physics 41 (11):1665-1666.
  2. F. Tito Arecchi (2011). The Cognitive Foundation of the Scientific Program. Foundations of Physics 41.
  3. F. Tito Arecchi (2003). Chaotic Neuron Dynamics, Synchronization, and Feature Binding: Quantum Aspects. Mind and Matter 1 (1):15-43.
    A central issue of cognitive neuroscience is to understand how a large collection of coupled neurons combines external signals with internal memories into new coherent patterns of meaning. An external stimulus localized at some input spreads over a large assembly of coupled neurons, building up a collective state univocally corresponding to the stimulus. Thus, the synchronization of spike trains of many individual neurons is the basis of a coherent perception. Based on recent investigations of homoclinic chaotic systems and their synchronization, (...)
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  4. F. Tito Arecchi (1999). Complexity Versus Complex Systems: A New Approach to Scientific Discovery. In. In L. Magnani, N. J. Nersessian & P. Thagard (eds.), Model-Based Reasoning in Scientific Discovery. Kluwer/Plenum. 181--196.
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