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  1. Roberto Frega & Fabrizio Trifirò (eds.) (2010). Pragmatism and Democracy. Ethics & Politics, 12, 1 2010.
  2. Fabrizio Trifiro (2007). A Neo-Pragmatist Approach to Intercultural Dialogue and Cosmopolitan Democracy. Philosophy in the Contemporary World 14 (2):127-142.
    Drawing on the work of Rorty and Putnam, I will present an argument for the desirability of an anti-foundationalist approach to cultural difference and intercultural dialogue that gives priority to the ethical and the political over the ontological and the epistemological. It will be formulated in terms of the normative requirements for the fullest realization of the liberal democratic project at all levels of social organisation, from the local to the global. Drawing from both the deliberative turn in democratic theory (...)
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