1.  12
    Falk Huettig & Gerry Altmann (2005). Word Meaning and the Control of Eye Fixation: Semantic Competitor Effects and the Visual World Paradigm. Cognition 96 (1):23-32.
  2.  50
    Asifa Majid & Falk Huettig (2008). A Crosslinguistic Perspective on Semantic Cognition. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31 (6):720-721.
    Coherent covariation appears to be a powerful explanatory factor accounting for a range of phenomena in semantic cognition. But its role in accounting for the crosslinguistic facts is less clear. Variation in naming, within the same semantic domain, raises vexing questions about the necessary parameters needed to account for the basic facts underlying categorization.
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    Nivedita Mani & Falk Huettig (2013). Towards a Complete Multiple-Mechanism Account of Predictive Language Processing. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36 (4):365 - 366.
    Although we agree with Pickering & Garrod (P&G) that prediction-by-simulation and prediction-by-association are important mechanisms of anticipatory language processing, this commentary suggests that they: (1) overlook other potential mechanisms that might underlie prediction in language processing, (2) overestimate the importance of prediction-by-association in early childhood, and (3) underestimate the complexity and significance of several factors that might mediate prediction during language processing.
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